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Biological Rhythms and Wellbeing Lab
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Welcome to the Biological Rhythms and Wellbeing Lab (BRW-Lab)

Dedicated to the memory of Erhard Haus

The BRW-Lab was established in 2022 at the Medical University of Vienna, Center for Public Health, at the Department of Epidemiology. The Medical University of Vienna boasts a history of several pioneers in circadian rhythm research. Our mission is to build a hybrid physical and virtual space, which we envision to act as a melting pot for research, education, and the testing of interventions in the field of circadian rhythm research and its interrelated affected areas and disciplines with a special focus on wellbeing. We follow a strong methods and theory driven approach, which builds on an interdisciplinary orientation (of various scientific disciplines from epidemiology, medical science, psychology, but also the social sciences such as anthropology and economics) and a transdisciplinary setting (to enable the knowledge integration of science and society).

Our vision is to become a leader in circadian rhythm research and the design of appropriate interventions in Europe, ranging from individual to global and public health policies.