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Ongoing Projects

Biological Rhythms and Wellbeing Lab
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2020-2023 | Clock gene risk score for breast cancer

DOC-fFORTE Program, Austrian Science Fund ÖAW (PI Degenfellner)
Senior Mentor (EUR 169,260)
This project, which will support the doctoral studies (N790, Public Health) of DI Jürgen Degenfellner at the Department of Epidemiology, Medical University of Vienna, with Eva Schernhammer as his doctoral advisor and senior mentor, examines the association between a newly derived polygenic risk score of shift work tolerance and breast cancer risk, using various large international cohort data.

2017-2022 | COST Action CA16216 ‘OMEGA-NET’: Coordination and Harmonization of European Occupational Cohorts

Secondary Proposer and Management Committee Member Schernhammer (Primary Proposer and Coordinator: Kogevinas M; Total budget EUR 520,000)
This COST Action Proposal will establish a cohort of around 30 million adult men and women in 20 European countries with extensive information on occupational and employment patterns. We will examine the influence of occupation and rapidly changing employment patterns in Europe on the onset and evolution of major diseases and healthy ageing.

2016-2022 | Adverse Health Effects of Shift Work

PI Schernhammer ($2,839,496)
To evaluate the effects of pre-conceptional and in utero night shift work on health in the offspring, kids in GUTS, of their moms who are all nurses participating in NHS2.