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About the Lab

Biological Rhythms and Wellbeing Lab
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The Biological Rhythms and Wellbeing Lab aims to accomplish state-of-the-art research for a better understanding of biological rhythms and their impact on various aspects of life, nature and society. This includes individual wellbeing as well as societal wellbeing including economic effects. The living organism as well as the rhythmic and non-rhythmic changes in its environmental factors are also considered. 

“Biological Rhythms” are the entire spectrum of rhythmic life processes that guide every human being or, more broadly, every living being from the beginning to the end. These rhythms of life, which are related to the earth's rotation around both its own axis and also around the sun, influence not only the physical and mental performance of humans, but also their state of mind, holistic constitution and physical wellbeing. Circadian rhythms research is at the heart of the BRW lab’s mission, striving to further our knowledge in these aspects, with the ultimate goal to improve wellbeing in pursuant not only of Sustainable Development Goal 3 (SDG 3), but of all SDGs put forward by the United Nations.