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Antibiotic resistance & knowledge

Department of Primary Care Medicine

Several studies have been conducted on this topic

The most important study was the APRES study:

APRES: The Appropriateness of Prescribing Antibiotics in Primary Health Care in Europe with Respect to Antibiotic Resistance; (EU FP7-HEALTH-2007; Partner).

Although over 90% of all antibiotics in Europe are prescribed in primary care, information on prescribing and resistance patterns in the population is currently incomplete. To date, information on the prevalence of antimicrobial resistance in Europe has been obtained mainly from invasive strains collected in hospitals. The aim of the APRES study was to investigate the adequacy of antibiotic prescribing in primary care in Europe by collecting and combining patterns of antimicrobial resistance and antibiotic prescribing. It also assessed the adequacy of national antibiotic prescribing guidelines in relation to resistance patterns.

Link to the project: APRES

As part of the APRES study, people's knowledge of antibiotics was also surveyed in Austria, as was influenza vaccination status in an international comparison.

The knowledge of the population in 2011 was soberingly low.

Only 28.1% correctly answered the question whether antibiotics are effective against viruses (no) and only 32.9% whether antibiotics are effective against colds and influenza (no).


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Influenza & Vaccination publications

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