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Title of the project:
Preventing obesity through biologically and behaviorally tailored interventions for you (Better4u)

Duration of the project:
01.11.2023 - 30.10.2027

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101080117.

What is BETTER4U?
BETTER4U is a 4-year Horizon Europe funded project (2023-2027) that aims to develop comprehensive research and innovative interventions to address and reverse the widespread increase in obesity and weight gain. The project seeks to better understand how genetics, lifestyle, environment and other factors may influence weight gain. Using this knowledge, the project will develop, evaluate and promote sustainable personalised lifestyle interventions to address and prevent obesity across the lifespan.”

The project’s consortium comprises 28 partner organisations which represent different perspectives from public and private sector health professionals, leading universities, research institutes and social entities like NGOs and regional governments that are willing to tackle the pervasiveness of overweight and obesity in our societies.

Prinipal Investigator at Medical University of Vienna
Eva Schernhammer, Department of Epidemiology

Main objectives:

1. Conduct in-depth analyses of potentially linked parameters for the development of obesity that have been historically unnoticed, such as genetics, microbiome, socio-economic factors, geography, culture, and lifestyle to explain the complexities of weight gain throughout life.

2. Formulate a preventive weight gain intervention methodology powered by an AI technology that receives its knowledge from a pilot study comprising 7 European countries. The efficacy of the BETTER4U methodology will be assessed through a clinical trial, incorporating technology-assisted real-time monitoring.

3. Identify any implementation barriers, facilitators, and outcomes, that may culminate in the development and dissemination of obesity prevention guidelines using a people-centered care approach.