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Excellence Program KPJ General Practice Vienna & Lower Austria for Students

Information on the Excellence Program KPJ General Medicine Vienna & Lower Austria for students.

The aim of this excellence program is to give students an understanding of the broad and exciting professional field of general practice in Vienna & Lower Austria. In Vienna, the Viennese primary care concept also plays a special role, which contributes to the upgrading of the professional image of general medicine, especially in the urban environment. The Excellence Program in General Practice Vienna is a cooperation of the State Goal Control Vienna and MedUni Vienna (since 2018). The Excellence Program General Medicine Lower Austria is a cooperation between ÖGK and MedUni Vienna (from SoSe 2022).


If you complete your KPJ elective for 8 or 16 weeks in an ordination or primary care center in Vienna or Lower Austria approved by MedUni Vienna as a KPJ teaching ordination, then you will also receive an expense allowance during this time corresponding to that in the hospital. The allowance will be paid by the Landeszielsteuerung Wien or ÖGK Niederösterreich via their KPJ-Lehrordination.

In addition to the allowance, this program includes:

1a) Vienna: job shadowing at primary care-related organizations such as the Physicians' Radio Service, the Vienna Professional Rescue Service, the Psychosocial Service, the Addiction and Drug Counseling Service, Children's Centers and the Mobile Home Care Service in Vienna or at other primary care professions in your KPJ ordination.

1b) Lower Austria: job shadowing with other primary care professions in your KPJ ordination, more job shadowing sites will be added during the program.

2) KPJ mentoring: your KPJ teaching coordinator can also be your KPJ mentor for the KPJ tertial.

3) Special training on general practice and primary care.

Please also read the training plan:

Registration is mandatory: Registration for the Excellence Program KPJ General Medicine Vienna & Lower Austria at the latest by 31.05. of the year in which the general KPJ starts.

1) Click here for the registration form for Vienna! Please fill it out completely and send it to Ms. Rath: (please send it by mail!).

2) Here you can find the registration form for Lower Austria! Please fill out this form completely and send it to Mrs. Mag. Rath: (please by mail!).

A maximum of 45 places can be allocated per federal state. The allocation runs according to the "first come first serve" principle. Complete registrations will be accepted for the program until the quota is exhausted.

Requirements: 1.) Registration 2.) potential participant:s should be interested in general medical training and can also imagine practicing. The Excellence Program will be evaluated comprehensively, i.e. a prerequisite of registration is the willingness to participate in these evaluation measures (short structured interview, completion of questionnaires).

All information for Vienna can also be found in the folder.

All information for Lower Austria can be found in this folder.