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Master Thesis

Department of Health Economics (DHE)
  • Title: Auswirkungen "disease burden" von Schlafstörungen in Österreich
    Author: Cis, Ayleen | Supervisor(s): Dr. Michael Berger, Prof. Judit Simon | Degree: MPH
  • Title: The Relationship between Reproductive Health Behavior/Reproductive Health Knowledge and Health Literacy among Women in Vienna
    Author: Rottjakob, Pia | Supervisor(s): Dr. Agata Laszewska, Prof. Judit Simon | Degree: MPH | 2023
  • Title: The effect of hospital and surgeon volume on postoperative mortality in patients undergoing pancreatic cancer surgery – systematic literature review/meta-analysis
    Author: Alvarico, Stefanie Jane | Supervisor(s): Dr. Claudia Fischer, Prof. Judit Simon | Degree: MPH | 2021
  • Title: Selbstmedikation mit OTC-Arzneimitteln – Strategien zur Stärkung der Health Literacy zur Vermeidung von unsachgemäßem Medikamentengebrauch
    Author: Wögerer, Klemens | Supervisor(s): Dr. Susanne Mayer, Prof. Rudolf Schoberberger | Degree: MPH | 2019
  • Title: The excess costs of lost productivity due to physical comorbidities in patients with schizophrenia in Austria.
    Author: Lena Wijnen | Supervisor(s): Prof. Judit Simon, Dennis Wienand, Dr. Mickaël Hiligsmann (University of Maastricht) | Degree: Degree: MSc Healthcare Policy, Innovation and Management | 2019
  • Title: Best-worst scaling to assess the most important barriers and facilitators for the use of Health Technology Assessment in Austria
    Author: Feig, Chiara | Supervisor(s): Dr. Mickaël Hiligsmann (University of Maastricht), Co-supervising local supervisor(s) at the MedUni Vienna: Prof. Judit Simon, Prof. Susanne Mayer | Degree: MSc Healthcare Policy, Innovation and Management | 2017