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Timea Helter, PhD MRes MMSc

Department of Health Economics (DHE)

Timea Helter, PhD, MRes MMSc.

PostDoc | Postdoctoral Researcher

Timea HELTER is an affiliated postdoctoral researcher who obtained her PhD at the DHE in 2022. She is an economist with a wide range of international work experience related to the health sector. She obtained Masters Degrees in Economics from Corvinus University, Budapest (2004), Health Informatics from UCL (2007), and Health Research from Brunel University (2008). Timea has also conducted PhD studies at the Health Economics Research Group, Brunel University between 2008 and 2011, but she took a 7-year long maternity leave from academia until joining the DHE in 2018. Timea is experienced within the area of international health outcomes research because she worked for British, Hungarian and Austrian health economics consultancy firms. She has also gained insight to public administration through short-term contracts with the European Commission, the national Health Technology Assessment office of Hungary and the Main Association of Austrian Social Security Institutions.

Timea’s research interests include the measurement and valuation of outcomes, capabilities approach and mental health economics. Timea has mainly worked on projects related to the validation and translation of the OxCAP-MH, and preference weighting of its items. She was also involved in the PAX-BD, PAX-D and “impact of COVID-19 on mental health and wellbeing” studies.