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First Transatlantic Investigator Meeting | Sept 02-05 2023 | Krems

From September 2-5, 2023 the 1st Transatlantic Investigator Meeting of the "Transatlantic Research Lab on Complex Societal Challenges" took place in Krems.

The Transatlantic Research Lab on Complex Societal Challenges as "Complexity Task Force" is an interdisciplinary group of scientists from (1) Austria with UWK – Danube University, Medical University Vienna (Department of Epidemiology, Eva Schernhammer), KLI Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolution and Cognition Research, and the CSH Complexity Hub Vienna; from the (2) USA with Harvard University, ASU Arizona State University and SFI Santa Fe Institute; and from (3) Germany with Technische Universität – Bergakademie Freiberg and other befriended institutions. For real-world challenges and vulnerabilities, we join forces with experts from practice in transdisciplinary constellations for a deepened understanding of current system states and of scenario-based transition paths to, ultimately, help increase the decision quality in real-world settings.

» Transatlantic Investigator Meeting Booklet  | Sept 02-05 2023 Krems