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Abteilung für Gesundheitsökonomie
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Introduction: The OxCAP-MH (Oxford CAPabilities questionnaire-Mental Health) is a multi-dimensional, self-reported instrument developed for outcome measurement in mental health research. It was designed to capture different dimensions of well-being within the conceptual framework of the capability approach. It is a self-reported, 16-item questionnaire where items are rated on a 1–5 scale. It covers domains of individual well-being including: overall health, enjoying social and recreational activities, losing sleep over worry, friendship and support, having suitable accommodation, feeling safe, likelihood of discrimination and assault, freedom of personal and artistic expression, appreciation of nature, self-determination and access to interesting activities or employment.

The initial English version of the questionnaire was developed alongside the OCTET study between 2008 and 2014 (Simon et al. 2013). The instrument underwent full psychometric validation and standardised scoring system, concept elaboration and user guide development in collaboration between the University of Oxford and Medical University of Vienna alongside the OCTET Follow-up study by 2017 (Vergunst et al. 2017). Since then the OxCAP-MH has been used and tested in different populations, settings and countries and has also been implemented as outcome measure in mental health economic evaluations. Currently available language versions of the OxCAP-MH are English, German, Hungarian, Chinese, Luganda, Juba Arabic.

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Authors and copyright: @ Judit Simon (University of Oxford, Medical University of Vienna), Paul Anand (Open
University), Tom Burns (University of Oxford), Alastair Gray (University of Oxford), Paula Lorgelly (University of Glasgow)