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Profil Jing Zhang

Abteilung für Epidemiologie
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Jing Zhang, MD, MMed

Doktoratsstudentin UN790 Epidemiology

T: +43 (0)1 40160 - 34707

Medizinische Universität Wien
Zentrum für Public Health
Abteilung für Epidemiologie
Kinderspitalgasse 15, 1. Stock, Raum 124A
1090 Wien

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Jing Zhang is currently enrolled in the Doctoral Program of Applied Medical Science: Epidemiology at the Medical University of Vienna. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in Public Health and a master’s degree in Epidemiology and Health Statistics from Nanjing Medical University. Her research interest focus on the genetic epidemiology especially the application of polygenic risk score (PRS) on the diseases prediction. Her master thesis about the “Construction and evaluation of trans-ancestry polygenic risk score for lung cancer with a prospective cohort” was carried out at Collaborative Innovation Center for Cancer Medicine, China. She is now working on the project CLOCKrisk, ERC Advanced proposal 2021.