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Physical comorbidity costs of mental health disorders (ECNP)

Department of Health Economics (DHE)

Physical comorbidity costs of mental health disorders (ECNP)

Date: 2018 – 2022
Funding: European College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP)
Collaborator(s): London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE)
Information: Judit Simon (co-PI), Dennis Wienand

The prevalence of mental health disorders has sharply increased within the last decades, posing significant burden to individuals as well as societies. While previous studies showed that patients with mental health disorders suffer from worse physical health, previous assessments of the economic burden were largely focused on mental health disorders only. Therefore, there is yet a need to identify the level of excess costs that are potentially linked to comorbid physical diseases in patients with mental health disorders. The main aim of our research is to estimate excess healthcare, productivity loss and informal care costs of physical comorbidities in European Union member states, countries of the European Economic Area, and the United Kingdom. Intermediate goals include reviewing and synthesizing the current mental health economic and epidemiological literature with focus on comorbid physical diseases, as well as building health economic models.