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Department of Health Economics (DHE)

Economic evaluation of the effects of using the eH-ETB (P1vital® eHealth-Emotional Test Battery) to guide the antidepressant treatment of depressed patients

Dates: 2015-2019
Funding: EC H2020 (No 696802)
Collaborator(s): P1Vital, UK;
Information: Judit Simon (Cost Effectiveness and Clinical Utility Team co-PI); Susanne Mayer, Nataša Perić

It commonly takes weeks before clinicians are able to identify effective antidepressant (AD) treatment for depressed patients. During this period a patients’ ability to work and function socially is severely impaired by their illness. The P1vital® PReDicT Test is a medical device that is able to identify, early in treatment, whether an AD is working and thus significantly reduce the time required to initiate effective treatment and thereby accelerate remission. The objective of this multi-centre, within-trial cost-utility analysis was to compare societal costs (health and social care resource use, patient costs, informal care, lost productivity) and outcomes (health-related quality of life, social functioning, capability well-being) of the PReDicT Test with standard of care in six European countries (Germany, France, Spain, UK, The Netherlands).