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Department of Health Economics (DHE)

ProgrammE in Costing, resource use measurement and outcome valuation for Use in multi-sectoral National and International health economic evaluAtions: PECUNIA

Date: 2018-2021
Funding: EC H2020 RIA
Information: Judit Simon (PI), Susanne Mayer (HA4 lead), Michael Berger, Claudia Fischer, Agata Łaszewska, Nataša Perić

The PECUNIA project developed new standardised and validated methods for the assessment of costs and outcomes of healthcare interventions for optimised health care provision within and across European countries. It was funded under the EC’s H2020 RIA programme. The multidisciplinary PECUNIA consortium consisted of ten partners from six countries coordinated by Professor Judit Simon. The DHE Team oversaw the integration and scientific management of the project, led the work package on Outcomes and Valuation, co-led the work package on Health and Social Care and contributed to all dissemination and communication activities. Main results from these activities were the development of

1) the PECUNIA care atom, a costing framework for the development of reference unit costs for multiple sectors (health and social care, education, (criminal) justice, employment and productivity, and patient, family and informal care
2) the harmonised, multi-sectoral unit cost assessment methods and resulting Reference Unit Costs (RUCs) for Europe
3) the Supra-National and Pan-European utility value sets, and
4) the collation of comprehensive information on relevant outcome measurement instruments.

The five core developed tools are:
the PECUNIA RUM Instrument
the PECUNIA RUC Templates
the PECUNIA RUC Compendium
the PECUNIA PROM-MH Compendium and
the Pan-European and Supra-National EQ-5D value sets.

For information on how to access the PECUNIA Tools, please visit