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Environmental health expert Daniela Haluza studies the health effects of forests.

A team consisting of the environmental psychologists Renate Cervinka and Markus Schwab and the health expert Daniela Haluza recently published the results of a study on the recreational effects of the Hallerwald in Upper Austria in the top journal "Forests". The response of the study participants speaks for itself: The forest furniture, developed by local craftsmen, can be a real benefit for tourism as well as for educational and health initiatives. And being in the forest is relaxing for all of us!



Cervinka R, Schwab Spletzer M, Haluza D. Furnishing a Recreational Forest—Findings from the Hallerwald Case Study. Forests. 2023; 14(4):836.

Cervinka R, Schwab M, Haluza D. Investigating the Qualities of a Recreational Forest: Findings from the Cross-Sectional Hallerwald Case Study. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 2020; 17(5):1676.

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