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EU funds INTERACT EUROPE 100 project to improve interdisciplinary cancer treatment

MedUni Vienna partner in international evaluation of existing concepts and training programs

MedUni Vienna is a partner in the new EU project INTERACT EUROPE 100, which aims to improve interdisciplinary cancer treatment in 100 oncology centers. This three-year project with a total budget of 8.7 million euros aims to evaluate and improve existing concepts and test their effectiveness. Participatory approaches are used to actively involve trainees, trainers and patient voices in the design in order to significantly improve the quality of care. MedUni Vienna will receive around EUR 520,000.00 for its work package in this project.

In modern medicine, interdisciplinary collaboration is a cornerstone of excellent treatment outcomes. This is particularly true in oncology, where doctors from different specialties and healthcare professionals work hand in hand to ensure optimal care. However, this collaboration is often difficult in practice due to high specialization, lack of insight into the areas of activity and competencies of other professional groups and limited internal communication, which can lead to disadvantages and redundancies in care.

The INTERACT EUROPE 100 project, co-financed by the European Commission with a total budget of 8.7 million euros, addresses this issue. It builds on the successes of its predecessor project and aims to promote interdisciplinary work in cancer treatment and support a patient-centered approach to high-quality treatment in Europe. Previously developed concepts and materials will be critically reviewed, improved and tested in 100 oncology centers in Europe.

Project involves 42 partner countries
A total of 42 partner countries, including Austria represented by the Medical University of Vienna, are involved in this project. MedUni Vienna is in charge of work package 5, which focuses on the evaluation of the entire project and training program. Under the leadership of Igor Grabovac (Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, Center for Public Health) and Kathrin Kirchheiner (Department of Radiation Oncology), a special focus is placed on participatory design and evaluation practices using a mixed-methods approach.

An essential aspect is the active involvement of trainees, trainers and the involvement of patients and patient representatives. The voices of these groups are actively incorporated into the design and implementation of the project. MedUni Vienna will receive around 520,000.00 euros from the overall budget for this.

The project began in December 2023 and will run for a period of three years. MedUni Vienna will play a key role in this pioneering project and work to significantly improve the quality of cancer treatment in Europe.