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Klaus Spiess (AT), Emanuel Gollob (AT), Paul Gründorfer (AT), in cooperation with Jens Hauser (DE/FR)

Towards an oscillating truth.

CHRONOLALIA explores truth’s fluidity across various timeframes. Directed by time-sensitive microbiome species, laboratory data and AI, visitors utilize whole-body vibration and an artificial voice to traverse internal, environmental, and AI-driven timelines. This ritual forms a shared meta-organism that embodies the “subjectless subjectivity of technology,” fostering a polytemporal, multi-perspective acoustic response system.

CHRONOLALIA explores truth as a post-anthropocentric, fluid entity influenced by various timeframes. Directed by time-sensitive oral microbiome species, data on the ratio of the oral microbiome to phonetic vibrations, and AI, visitors engage in a ritual, using an artificial voice to navigate internal, and environmental timers. Full body vibration serves as biomedia, facilitating interaction with the microbiome and self-transformation.

This strong temporal subjectivity gives rise to a de/synchronized meta-organism, embodying a “subjectless subjectivity of technology.” The audience weaves diverse temporalities into a shared polytemporal feedback system and sonic time experience. This experience offers multi-perspectival authorship and a nomadic concept of time.


Jürgen Ropp, Hans-Jürgen Hauptmann,

Austrian Science Fund – PEEK AR 687, Medical University of Vienna, University of Applied Arts, Vienna.

Klaus Spiess (AT)

Klaus Spiess directs the Art&Science Program at Vienna Medical University as an associate professor.

Emanuel Gollob (AT)

Emanuel Gollob is an artist and researcher exploring alternative relations between humans, AIs and robots.

Paul Gründorfer (AT)

Paul Gründorfer works within conceptual and process art, site specific intervention, sound sculpture and performance.

Jens Hauser (DE/FR)

Jens Hauser is a curator, researcher and professor at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.