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Lectures & Courses WS 2023/24

Doktoratsprogramm Epidemiology UN790
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Flow Chart UN790

Flow Chart Doctoral Programme of Applied Medical Science UN790

Lectures & Courses (WS 2023/24)

There are different types of courses in the doctoral program Epidemiology:

» Basic Lectures: Epidemiology series 1

» Journal Club "Epidemiology" 

» Practical Seminar "Epidemiological Methods" 

» Theses seminar Epidemiology  & Theses seminar Individual 

 » Propedeutics 

OVERVIEW Epidemiology Courses WS 2023/24

» Overview courses WS2023/24

Registration via Med.Campus

Registration to courses is to be managed electronically via Med.Campus!

In principle there is no minimum/maximum number of courses resp. of semester hours to be completed each semester. Courses announced within other thematic programmes (instead of the officially selected one) may be taken as well as far as they are appropriate to the scientific background of the thesis project. In the latter case it is recommended to inform the programme coordinator of the officially selected thematic programme.   

At the end of the studies the following required semester hours are to be completed:

For the Doctoral Programme of Applied Medical Science UN790:

4 semester hours* Basic Seminars
12 semester hours* Journal Clubs
12 semester hours* Thesis Seminars
4 Practical Seminars
6 semester hours* Propedeutics