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Human Resources for Primary Health Care in Africa (HURAPRIM); (EU FP7-AFRICA-2010; Partner)

Projektleitung und Koordination für Österreich: Prof. Dr. Manfred Maier, PD Mag.a  Ruth Kutalek, PD Kathryn Hoffmann, MPH
Projektmitarbeiterinnen: Mag.a Silvia Wojczewski, Mag.a Elena Jirovsky

HURAPRIM is an international collaborative research project that aims at developing and assessing policies and key interventions to address the personnel crisis in the health sector, especially in Africa. The program wants to analyze the current situation, understand the complexity of the topic, review and test possible interventions and strategies, and contribute to more equitable and efficient policy making in this area.

The project consortium brings together 6 committed African partners, representing different parts of Africa and specific realities with respect to health workers, with 3 experienced European partners.